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Thursday, October 18 2012

Fast Track

My Facebook page and others connected are where most things I'm doing are described, so, to make access to that easier, here below is a faster way to it : )

David Lloyd

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Thursday, October 11 2012

Aces in New York

Tomorrow and until Sunday, I'm at table Z2 in Artists Alley at the New York Comic Convention, representing myself and Aces Weekly, signing and sketching with some of my fine fellow creators. If you're there come and say hi : ) And subscribe to Aces Weekly!

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Tuesday, October 09 2012

Presenting Aces Weekly Part 1 : The Early Days. Warning: This video contains flashing images.

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Sunday, September 30 2012

Aces Imminent 2

Your Aces Weekly needs YOU! More - just as a nudge... And more later... : )

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Saturday, September 29 2012

Aces Imminent

Aces Weekly needs YOU! Tomorrow all the great stuff you've seen trailed over the last couple of weeks on www.facebook.com/acesweekly - like Return of The Human previewed again on that page -and which we'll be trailing much more of in little bite-size pieces for all the time we exist, will start to appear. But you won't see it unless you subscribe. So, my friends of Aces Weekly, become subscribers of Aces Weekly and join us in our great adventure. More detail for you on the big day, tomorrow...
ALSO I'm in Colombia from tomorrow at various points and times but you probably know that fact if you're interested in my work enough to be reading this here... : ) Come and and say hi if you can there : )

valley fb.jpg

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Saturday, September 15 2012

Sicilian Aces

In Sicily this weekend, spreading the Aces Weekly word Europe-wide. Details at www.etnacomics.com. Come and say hi if you're there : )

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Friday, August 17 2012

Coming Soon To A Screen Near You...

Long time since I've been able to update here, but my tardiness is the result this time of massively distracting work on a new project I'm putting together as a contributor AND publisher : an exclusively digital comic art magazine - Aces Weekly - which features ace creators from around the world. You'll be hearing more of it very shortly on comic art news sites if you haven't already and we'll be going into full swing on it soon, so you'll be hearing about it all over! And I'm on Twitter now @lforlloyd talking about it as it progresses, along with my managing editor, Bambos Georgiou, who'll be tweeting from @acesweekly, so follow us to find out more! I'm very proud of it - we're presenting folks like Kyle Baker, Steve Bissette, John McCrea, Yishan Li, in serials and stories you will not see anywhere else.
And if any of you are close to Brighton or can be this Monday, take note of the info on the attached poster : )

aces cc posterflyerredsite.jpg

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Wednesday, July 11 2012

San Diego Time

It's that time again when the huge extravaganza of Comicon comes round, and I'll be there once more at set times - no table like last year when I was privileged to be a guest. I'm signing at DC's stand on Friday from 3-4, and on Sunday from 3-4, and on Saturday from 8-9 I'm on a panel dedicated to Occupy Comics. I might also be found at various times at the excellent Mark Wheatley's booth - no 2308 - where you'll see a preview of a fantastic new project that Mark and I are involved with, and which you will hear more of very soon... So come and say hi if you can make it : )

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Wednesday, July 04 2012

Comics For Good

Anyone of you in or around Benevento in Italy this weekend looking to do some good and get some great drawings from some fine comic artists should come along to the Comicsxafrica fundraiser this weekend. I'll be there again this year, so you can find me to say hi to as well as doing your bit to donate to a good cause! We all know things are tight and getting tighter economically for most folks in our so-called civilised world, but it's small hardship in comparison to what the poor in Africa put up with. Here's a link to the relevant site - http://luglio2012.comicsxafricaeventi.org/content/ - see if you can make the trip : )

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Friday, May 25 2012

Roaming Around Rome

Though short of time - very much these days - I can report a bunch of things I'm doing in and around the grand Italian city of Rome this weekend, but without much detail. A search on Comix Factory, Caserta, where I'll be today, and Antani Comics in Terni, where I'll be tomorrow, will elicit more facts, I'm sure. Go to my Facebook page for more. If you can make it along to any of those venues to say hi, I'll be very pleased to see you : )

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